Eddie Lewis  -Former USMNT and Professional Soccer PLayer

Eddie Lewis -Former USMNT and Professional Soccer PLayer

“TOCA” means Touch.

It’s often referred to in soccer as your ability to control the ball, particularly your first touch. A “Toca Toca” style of play is characterized by short passing ball movement, working the ball with exceptional control and feel, something you can’t do without great “touch.”

 TOCA is the first answer for all players looking to improve, re-enter, or continue their legacy in the world of soccer.

 Our technology focuses on boosting the confidence and capability of a player, by allowing them to efficiently test various techniques and target specific areas of training through specialized exercises. Even as a starter on one of the top college soccer teams in the U.S., TOCA founder, Eddie Lewis, knew that achieving his goal of playing at a truly elite level required rapid improvement to his technical skills, particularly his first touch.

It all started with a tennis ball...

While a scholarship athlete at UCLA, Lewis looked for ways to improve his game. When Eddie learned that the UCLA Bruins basketball team often practiced shooting into a smaller-sized hoop, he realized he could achieve the same benefits by practicing with a tennis ball. After that, he pounded out thousands of reps in industrial garages in West LA.

 Why garages? Because this small-is-harder methodology was making him better faster, and he didn’t want anyone learning his secret – what TOCA calls our “small-ball philosophy.”

 Little did he know that he was on the verge of developing a soccer training experience like no other. It gives individual players the ability to train themselves in a variety of ways, in a fun environment, so they can empower their game and find their best.

TOCA Touch Trainer

TOCA Touch Trainer


The Touch Trainer is THE answer to take control of your game and develop precision and technique to reach the next level. The Touch Trainer boosts confidence and pushes the limits of a player's capability with high-quality ball deliveries and limitless game-like training situations.


TOCA created an on-demand, revolutionary solution that paves the way towards technical brilliance for you. By combining our extensive experience, future-forward technology, and the easy-to-use TOCA Training App, players and teams use repetition and TOCA’s Small-Ball Philosophy to target specific areas of training and to improve various techniques.

By focusing on TOCA’s short passing ball movement, players will improve speed, coordination, and training efficiency while the app records training data from the Touch Trainer. Consistency and repetition are the recipes to working towards mastery, and the TOCA Touch Trainer provides the precise delivery, speeds, and techniques that are sure to keep players on their toes.



True to our Training Philosophy, TOCA specifically developed smaller, lighter soccer balls which allow players to hone their skills and technique. The TOCA Platform is built upon the "Small-Ball Philosophy," focusing on the precision and training values our founder, Eddie Lewis, identified as being key to his professional success.


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